Saturday, June 13, 2009

Street Dance Vid - Part 2

I decided to show you this video too because this couple really looks like they were having a good time! Ha ha!
I told our son that he can make his guitar sing! ahem! lol

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Street Dance

Last weekend, our little town held a Spring Street Dance to benefit a local hospice house. This was not a typical street dance where there is breakdancing, hip hop, locking, etc. This event was held to raise funds and to give folks a chance to dance and have fun, featuring local bands in a nice outdoor setting. Featured were three bands: Hank & the Hustlers (country music), The Frank Hill Band (country/pop) and our son's Funk Uncle Band (funky) lol.

The 3 bands who each had their own stage, opened with country music, then went to pop and closed with funky music by Funk Uncle. It was funny because when the country/pop bands were playing it was interesting to watch older people swing dancing to the music. When Funk Uncle played, younger people flocked in front of their stage and started dancing! And boy, the girls were really rockin'! ha! ha! It was wonderfully fun and entertaining! The CD's that the Funk Uncle brought to the dance were sold out and some of the girls even asked for autographs! cool huh? ;) For those of you who are new to my blog, Funk Uncle is comprised of 16 to 17 year old boys, where our son is the lead guitarist. And for my regular and loyal friends/readers, I hope you don't get tired watching Funk Uncle! ;)

Being a proud parent that I am, ha, ha, below is a video that I took ... our son is the one wearing sunglasses. The boys were really busy that day because they had a marching band competition at a neighboring town then hurried up to set up their stage. They did not have time (except our son) to dress up a little. (I uploaded this video to my son's facebook ... so you should see more on youtube if you so desire)

Here's a picture of the first band. I didn't take a picture of the other one.

From the looks, seems like everybody enjoyed the free live entertainment; a good way to end the week, don't you agree?

Friday, June 5, 2009

A Must-See Iris Garden

I meant to post what I have accomplished for the rest of my week off last week, but I am so excited to share these photos with everybody! You see, my friend, Judy, who is also into gardening, took me to an Iris farm this afternoon. We took off one hour early from work and drove about half an hour to arrive at what I call ... an Iris Museum! ha! ha!

From the road, this is what you will see, show-stopping colors! ... four acres of Iris, Peonies, Lupines, Daylilies, Clematis, etc. It's owned and operated by the Borglum family whom I understand are a retired couple who enjoy gardening.
(all photos can be enlarged by clicking)

Iris as far as your eyes can see! I definitely give the owners two exciting green thumbs up! lol I was so thrilled and excited I felt like a little kid! ... I could hardly believe what I was seeing, a rainbow of colors!

... a few close ups.

... many varieties of lupines, hundreds of them with a kaleidoscope of hues, and such elegance! Judy said, she's contemplating on starting a lupine garden bed for next year. Last year, we were both into daylilies, this year, iris, so maybe next year it will be lupines? nah, not for me, my garden is getting hard to manage. ;)

... these are just a few of the peonies, there were too many varieties to photograph. Aren't they gorgeous? I've never seen a two toned peonies before! ... and a yellow one? wow, how cool is that!
I was so excited that I called another friend, Josie (she helped me put up my garden wall) and asked if she will be busy this weekend. I want to bring her to that place because I'm pretty sure she'll enjoy it. Maybe I will take more photos then.

I already have a few iris in my yard, they are all pictured below. Iris are very self-sufficient, they multiply annually and most important, they are fuss-free! They grow in full sun or partial shade. They are also an excellent cut flowers, and smell so sweet.

This is one of my newer collections. I think it is called Royal Blue Batik Iris and it is a re-bloomer, meaning it will bloom in the spring, summer and again in the fall. Too bad the rest of my newer ones are still tight buds so I can't show you.

The farm owners are selling their iris for $7.00 per clump but if you buy 10 clumps, you get 2 clumps for free. Judy and I decided to go for the 10 + 2 and divided it among ourselves. It was really a bargain because one clump consisted of about 6 to 12 rhizomes. It was fun because you dig your own, so we tried to look for bigger clumps for more rhizomes, and more rhizomes mean more plants, right?

And these are my share after Judy and I split the clumps. Twelve bags, each bag is one variety and contained about 3-6 rhizomes. If you enlarge, try to notice the lightest purple on top, somewhere in the middle, it is speckled, and we've never seen another clump of that kind in the farm (the worm on one of the bags is free) lol. I always receive garden catalogs in the mail and they are selling 7 plants for $30.00 plus shipping and handling, so I think Judy and I got a real bargain.
Now, my problem is, where in the heck will I plant these?! I promised myself not to start another garden bed anymore because it's getting unmanageable ... hmmmm, maybe I will just intermingle them with my other plants. Sounds good, eh?