Friday, June 10, 2011

What's blooming in my garden now

Part 3 - photos of my garden for a very good friend. Also, my Today's Flowers entry.
As I mentioned earlier (part 1), these are all posted on my Facebook but am posting them here too for my blogger friends and friends who do not have FB account. Enjoy!

Snowball bush also called Gelder Rose bush

Rhododendron bud-after almost 3 years of waiting, I finally see what color my Rhody is...deer used to eat all the buds before I had a chance to protect them.

Rhododendron flowers

Lemon Day Lily

Old fashioned rose, also produce hips that are rich with calcium, so i heard.



Seven sisters rose

Part 2 of what's blooming in my garden

A request from a very good of my Peonies and also my entry to Today's Flowers. Please click HERE to visit more gardens all over the world.

What's blooming in my garden now

I posted my Iris collections on facebook but I'm posting it here too for my friends who do not have a facebook account.
This is Part 1 of sharing my garden blooms...hope you like them as much as I do.
This is also my Today's Flowers entry.