Friday, March 28, 2008

What Happened to Spring?!?

Last night mother nature dumped about 8 inches of snow upon us! And I thought spring had sprung! lol ... turned out only on the calendar.

It is a beautiful sight nevertheless.... grounds and trees were covered with snow... it looked so bright outside. This also reminded me of our homemade Christmas tree back home. I remember using soap suds to cover a nicely shaped branch of a tree and trimming it with homemade Christmas tree decor ... nice happy memories. I think we used Perla soap back then, are they still available? I haven't been home since 1986!

Saturday, March 15, 2008

What's New?

My son (with red bandana) and some of his teammates.

Last Friday hubby and I drove 55 miles amid a snowstorm to watch our son and his teammates compete at the annual Finger Lakes Regional FIRST Robotics competition.

We were surprised at how crowded the place was! Students and fans alike were cheering for their robot and music was blaring through the stadium! My son explained to me that the object of the game was for the robot to accumulate points by moving the giant balls across an overpass. The robots were maneuvered with controls by their operators standing at the sidelines.

The photo below is my son with the robot their team built. It took them about six weeks to complete this robot. His robotics team won a silver medal which earned them a spot to participate in the national challenge in Atlanta, GA that will be held next month. Way to go team!

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

What A Treat!

March 4, 1991 was the last time we had an ice storm. I remember it very well... how beautiful the surrounding was. Every single blade of grass was covered with ice like a cocoon, each and every branch of the trees and shrubs were covered with ice, and they shone like crystals against the sunlight ... it was magical! That was why when the weather report predicted an ice storm last night, I brought my camera with me to work and took pictures here and there ... like the one pictured above.

However, on my way home, I did not expect a treat. Beside the road was a red fox! Foxes around our area are very elusive, they run as soon as a human being is nearby. That was why I was amazed when this handsome little guy waited and posed for me to take a picture.
I think this is a one in a million chance ... to see a fox surrounded by ice and silhouetted against the blue sky! What a treat indeed!

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Prayer Group

Last weekend a group of friends and I got together to say a prayer for a friend whose cancer came back. The prayer was followed by a fellowship dinner. Each brought a dish to pass, and by the time all the foods were put on the dinner table, it was a feast! ... so many delicious dishes and all kinds of desserts. I am seated in front, the one with brownish turtle neck sweater. Ate Ev (host) is the 3rd lady from left, back row. And, oh yes, this was also an advanced b-day party for Anita, 2nd lady, from left, back row. Her actual b-day celebration is tomorrow (3/2) at a Chinese restaurant.

Afterwards, we played Jengga, and that was a riot! We had fun trying to distract the one who's "it". Thank you Kuya Tab and Ate Ev for hosting; you are such nice and gracious hosts, and God bless you and your family. Also, please pray for Ate Madeline as she is touched again by this serious illness ... for the second time, may she overcome all these difficulties and win the battle again!