Saturday, March 1, 2008

Prayer Group

Last weekend a group of friends and I got together to say a prayer for a friend whose cancer came back. The prayer was followed by a fellowship dinner. Each brought a dish to pass, and by the time all the foods were put on the dinner table, it was a feast! ... so many delicious dishes and all kinds of desserts. I am seated in front, the one with brownish turtle neck sweater. Ate Ev (host) is the 3rd lady from left, back row. And, oh yes, this was also an advanced b-day party for Anita, 2nd lady, from left, back row. Her actual b-day celebration is tomorrow (3/2) at a Chinese restaurant.

Afterwards, we played Jengga, and that was a riot! We had fun trying to distract the one who's "it". Thank you Kuya Tab and Ate Ev for hosting; you are such nice and gracious hosts, and God bless you and your family. Also, please pray for Ate Madeline as she is touched again by this serious illness ... for the second time, may she overcome all these difficulties and win the battle again!


Mari said...

If your Ate Madeline pulled through the first time, chances are she still will this time, esp. with everyone of you praying for her.

Great photos, and you Way to go!!!!

Nini said...

I'll say a prayer for her. Mari has said it true, Ate Madeline's chance of beating it now is stronger than the first time.

Thanks for sharing us your pic.


Shemah said...

She is in my prayers. I'm glad that she has all of you as her pillar of strength to go through with this again.. and may emerge the winner against the fight with cancer.

My best wishes,

Vk-mahalkaayo said...

hi nance,

"sana di ka magbago!"....... what they say in singapore daw hindi magsabi ng YES...kung hindi "CAN" lang daw.

thanks for saying this, i don´t know if ......"kasi treat mo lahat na parang matagal mo na silang kilala."

yan talaga ako, the person i meet-met in the first time, parang feeling ko matagal na kaming magkaibigan or we met so long already.

sabi nga ng isang friend ko at sister ko rin na......Ako daw, i treat n trust right away to anybody or yon, sabi mo. "na parang matagal ko ng kilala"....
open daw ako kaagad......

ewan ko, ganito talaga ang ugali ko, ewan ko.....nandiyan na yon sa first met-friends ko, sa kanila na kung ano ang isip nila.

Ako, i treasure n care the friend I meet-know....

thank you very much for your friendship, nance

Vk-mahalkaayo said...

nagsimba din ako this afternoon with kim.
Pastor neils n we, we pray for a pinay, who has a breast cancer,too.
she is now weak n waiting for....

a friend too, says to me that her bestfriend in high school, ito rin...
wala na daw pag-asa.

but through prayers n trust to God, NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE....Praise God

I pray for her too.........

Vk-mahalkaayo said...

nice sharing your pics.

you have a good christian community ,too.
like ours here, ganito rin kami.

we have a bible reading everyweek, kung sinong place na free....for me , i want that it will held in our flat,eventhough we have not enough space, kasi maliit lang ang flat namin, yon pag may free din sila.

not compulsory to bring something....pero masaya and share our blessing, hindi ba?

thanks for sharing this ha.....i share your blog to pastor-pastora, ok?

so they know too, and can pray for your friend.


Vk-mahalkaayo said...

Please say my, Belated birthday greetings to your friend, Anita.....

more blessing, good health and God bless.

Vk-mahalkaayo said...

ang ganda ng pics. mo, i mean maganda ang camera mo....or i may say, ganda mong kukuha ng pics.

ay oo nga, naghihilik pa!..........hehehe
naku si kim n bernie, kuha itong pics, tired ko sa paggawa ng Goulash soup nya, dala sa opis niya last Friday as belated Kainan nila sa bday niya.

tapos, tired din ako sa kakain ng mga padala ni Josie, like the

thanks again, sorry siguro na bored ka sa mga comments ko....ang haba....

Nance said...

let's pray that you are correct. she is such a nice person and been through a lot.

exposed? he he he

Nance said...

thank you for your prayers. i will talk to our pastor to include her in our prayer list.

big thanks to you too! i am touched and humbled to hear how everyone is praying for somebody that they don't even know ... i will convey your prayers to Madeline.

Nance said...

absolutely! you can share my blog to your Pastor. We need all the prayers we can get and please thank him for me? salamat din sa 'yo at naisip mo 'to.

I'll tell Anita about your bday greetings. in fact i emailed her my blog so she might be reading this. today was the bday celebration and i took more pics, i will be posting some of them here.

kahit sa sulat lang mararamdaman ko na mabait ka talaga, kaya huwag kang magbago 'day! lol

JMom said...

hi nance, your ate will be in my prayers. I'm sure she will come through this, especially with so many caring people and so much love around her.

ghee said...

bless your friend,Nance :)

and finally,nakita rin kita :) good to see you,really,i can picture you now while reading your posts :)

and its good to see a community of catholic and pinoy in a foreign country :)

Vk-mahalkaayo said...

hello nance,

kumusta na....sorry ngayon lang ako, na flat kaunti, i have b-ache, until now pero ok na kaunti....cause, dahil sa bracing ng teeth ko...nasira nga i don´t know it....kaya ang upper n down jaws ko wlang contact....

pero everything ok na, na repair kaagad, pero yon b-ache ang resulta.
presently, i have 2x a week, sa physio. ko rin....HILOT?....

oo Manang Nance, dili gyd ko magbago

nabigay ko kina pastor n pastora ang blog mo....we will pray for her too.

thank you

JeannieTheDreamer said...

hi Nance, it is nice to have gather in prayer, esp. with fellow Pinoys. I miss that... more importantly, i need the structure. Meron ditong nag-iinvite sa akin, I will most likely attend their meeting in June... as for your Ate Madeline, may Jesus' healing hands be upon her.


Nance said...

thanks for your thoughts on ate madeline. she's going through chemo right now and it seems to be working.
thanks for the visit and welcome to my blog!