Friday, March 28, 2008

What Happened to Spring?!?

Last night mother nature dumped about 8 inches of snow upon us! And I thought spring had sprung! lol ... turned out only on the calendar.

It is a beautiful sight nevertheless.... grounds and trees were covered with snow... it looked so bright outside. This also reminded me of our homemade Christmas tree back home. I remember using soap suds to cover a nicely shaped branch of a tree and trimming it with homemade Christmas tree decor ... nice happy memories. I think we used Perla soap back then, are they still available? I haven't been home since 1986!


Mari said...

That's extended winter for you. We had a nice sunshiny day yesterday and today. Been like that for a few days now.

Perla soup? Probably sitting in a museum as an artifact. LOL If you go back home for a visit, you'd be lost. Twenty-one years is a long time, and a lot have changed...a lot. That was the length of time I didn't go home, and, yes, I would have been lost without my guides.

Nance said...

hi mari,
yeah, we always have long winters here in the east coast. it will not really warms up until end of May. :(

Bet you're right! Probably most of the people now use washing machines, no more bars of soap like Perla! ;) They were really good though, especially for rings around the collar.

Judging from pics i see and news i heard, lots & lots of changes were made not only infrastructure but also the "next" generation ... i'll be lost indeed!

ev said...

hindi ko naabutan yung soap suds in making Christmas tree pero yung covering branches of a small tree with cotton na-try namin nuon para lang may Christmas tree..hehe. ang sarap mag reminisce ano?hope you can visit back to your hometown someday.

I haven't experienced even seeing a snow..but i wish i will get to see one day.

nona said...

hello nance, finally I got my luck! Good to be here.
Same question I asked before anong nangyari sa spring? Nalito na ang weather hehe. :)

Nance said...

hindi mo naabutan? i think we added a little salt to make the suds stiff and stay.

all my sibligs, except one, are all living abroad and my parents are gone, kaya there's not much reason to go home. but we are planning a family reunion in pinas. a kabayan is here visiting and she told me that i will not recognize my hometown anymore ... so many tall buildings and people. :(

Nance said...

nakalusot! yay!
i can't wait for the real spring! i love working outdoor ... my garden is calling me! he he he

JMom said...

Wow, Nance, you haven't been home since 1986?!! And I thought I was bad :) I went home last year after 18 years and my, have things changed. I got lost in Baguio and I thought I knew it like the back of my hand!

It's been gray and raining here the past few days but we didn't mind. This was the only extended rainfall we've had all winter. We needed the water.