Saturday, April 12, 2008

Debris Shelter

Pictured above is the interior of my daughter's school project on Outdoor Living Skills subject. She's supposed to build a shelter made of branches, and leaves. She built it on our property close to our house for safety. There has been a bear sighting in our area and I was worried that she might have an unwelcome "visitor" during the night.

This is the back view of her shelter. As you can see it was not really that big ... it looks like a pile of leaves ready to be burned. lol She told me that some of her classmates picked fly fishing as a project and they have to learn how to tie a hook and go catch a fish. Others chose how to build a fire from sticks with no matches. Whatever project each student picked, they have to do the research on how to accomplish them.

The front side, she also built a fire and roasted hot dogs with her brother. Lucky me, I didn't have to make dinner that night! :)

And here she is sleeping soundly. She's supposed to sleep in it for three nights and she has to document her project with pictures. Her brother went out around 11pm and took several of them. Nite, nite, missy ... don't let the bed bug bite!


Mari said...

I probably won't worry about bed bugs. I would worry about those slithery creatures, like snakes. Eek.

That's a good project for survival skills when one gets lost in the woods.

An A for M.

Nance said...

eeiggh! i would be too, mari. even the hoot of an owl scares me! lol i love outdoor but not the night life.

An A? yayyy! thank you, mam! :)

dodong flores said...

Interesting experience!

Since that's only a project in school, one should guard her in the night time against bears and other fierce animals...

nona said...

aww..that was nice, at least she savor the fruit of her hardship in building that little home. :)
I'm a nature lover BUT you wouldn't let me sleep there haha, baka may ahas!

Nance said...

Hi dodong,
luckilly, she made it, nothing happened ... isa pa she built it just a few feet from our deck and we left a night light.
thanks for the visit.

Nance said...

nona! nakalusot ulit!
yes, she sure did! her shelter will probably stay there until nature takes it back.
buti na lang ang ahas namin dito ay harmless ... they are short (about a foot) and not poisonous.

nona said...

I'm back again nance...I have a tag for you...and award too. (sounds singing)
Have a nice day :)

ev said...

weee!!..ang cute naman...seems like a fun project...kaiba nga lang,pero i like its uniqueness. tell your daughter..congrats!

you're such a very supportive mom nance!keep shining!

JMom said...

brave girl! I wouldn't be able to sleep out there. I'd be constantly thinking of or imagining things crawling on me. lol!

That is a great exercise though! My daughters used to love sleeping in the backyard, but in a tent :)

Nance said...

salamat sa award n tag!
naku, dami ko ng utang sa mga tags, lagi kong nakakalimutang gawin sila. will try to remember, nona.

Nance said...

she had fun building it! :)
... and sleeping in it too. friends who came to visit tried to go in and said it's quite warm inside.

i'm with you with those crawling creatures! and for some reason, mosquitoes love my skin so i can't stay outdoors after dark.