Saturday, December 15, 2007

New York! New York!

My daughter and I

Early morning last Friday, a good friend, my daughter and I took a tour bus to New York City. My daughter was a first-timer in NYC so she was excited, while I looked forward to go on a food trip and Christmas shopping.

We arrived at our hotel around 2:30p, so we had a free time to do as we like before going to the 7p show at Radio City Music Hall. We started the ball rolling by shopping of course!
This year marks the 75th season of The Radio City Christmas Spectacular so I was anticipating something special in my head ... and I was not disappointed. Although I was awed and amazed with the show last year, there were a lot of enhancements this season. The costumes, the Rockettes, the "snow" and ribbons falling from the "sky", the state-of-the-art video technology, and the scenes coming to life on stage were just magical and uplifting! I rated the whole show as OUTSTANDING!

After the show we decided to try the dinner buffet in our hotel. It was a little pricey but hey, we were starving so we got our money's worth! :)

Dishes served at our fave restaurant

Saturday morning - was a sightseeing tour.
We took in the beautiful sights and Christmas decorations of the city by bus. Then we asked to be dropped off in Chinatown where we did more shopping before going to our favorite Chinese restaurant. Just the thought of that restaurant woke up my tastebud! I wanted to introduce snails (suso) to my daughter so we ordered that along with salted pork (not salty at all) which was served plain but very tender and delicious nonetheless. We also ordered squid (calamari) which was cooked to perfection, a Chinese broccoli with oyster sauce and talangka (crabs) swimming in its own aligi! (my cholesterol will love me) lol. The dishes were an explosion of flavors! I can't believe how many snails my daughter ate ... and I thought she would be grossed by it.

Saturday evening - we decided to take in another show. We bought tickets for The Drowsy Chaperone, a comedy/musical starring Bob Saget. It was a riot! ... we laughed so hard, tears were coming out from the corners of our eyes! The cast's performance deserved an award!

Because of our heavy lunch we opted to just have a sandwich and some pastries for dinner. They were filling but forgettable.

The famous Christmas tree @ Rockefeller Center

Sunday - check out time!
But before I end my story, let me mention that we also went to a fish market. I bought prawns and 3 kinds of fish. My friend's son who lives in NYC was nice enough to keep it in his freezer until it was time to head back to upstate NY. I cooked the prawns today and my tummy says, thank you! lol

See you next year, Nooo Yok!!!


Mari said...

Hmmm...snails. I haven't had that for a long, long time. Your daughter is adventurous, she dared eat them. I wonder where I can find those here in L. A.?

Thanks for sharing.

Nance said...

she is adventurous indeed, Mari. my son is a different story, he is a meat and potato kid. people say he will change as he aged so we'll see.

... try oriental/asian stores?

talksmart said...

Hi, This blog is nominated for the Filipino Blog of the Week award (week 87). Visit the site and vote :-)

Nance said...

are you serious, talksmart? how did that happen?

vote for meeeee!!!! lol

ghee said...

whoah!what a lifetyle,Nance!

It is one of my dreams to visit NY!I hope one day,I can be there,too!

and the food!extravaganza!yeah,its all worth it,right?good to have an adventurous daughter,right?

have a great week ahead!

Carlota said...

Hi Nance, how are you doing? Thanks for the comments in my blog. Yeah- i'm hoping guitar is her last instrument for now. she's been practicing every night.

Ok dokie- i will link you up ok? Thanks again and have a wonderful day.

Nance said...

ghee, i'm sure you'll make that dream come thru ... it's a city that never sleeps. have you noticed how crowded in front of the Rockefeller ctr? i have to ask my friend's son to take the pic since he is taller.

Nance said...

welcome! that was how my kids learned how to play their guitars, endless practice.

You're linked, girlfried! :)

Nance said...

got lots of typo today ... he hehe
ghee, i meant your dream come true not thru ... sorry

i meant girlfriend, not girlfried, my apologies too.

Vk-mahalkaayo said...

sarap naman sa mga kinakain nyo....hmhmh
nagugutom na tuloy ako....hindi pa ako maka kain ng masayado, lalo na kung hard pa ang foods....puro sabaw-soup na
mabuti nga, para Slim ako this coming summer....heheeh

ay mabuti pa yon daughter mo, kakain ng bernie din, kain din siya, doon sa atin din, nakalimutan ko na sa Maynila kami, yon appetizers nila, suso, nakita ko, snails na may gata ba yon, hindi ako kumain, kasi naala-ala ko yon snails sa garden...sorry ha?
tapos si bernie, hala kinain nya lahat, sabi ko snails yan, sabi nya, alam daw nya.

dito naman, nakita ko ito sa supermarkt, frozen...sabi ko, ay snails?....sabi ni bernie, galing France yan, yon ang specialty nila....

ay sorry, ewan ko, kain na lang ako ng salted fish, kay sa snails, kahit sabi nya more Protein daw...

kasi sa high school days ko, meron kasing Miss High School, sa school namin, tapos hindi because of Money, kung hindi yon, KUNG SINO SA CLASS ANG PINAKAMARAMING SNAILS nakuha.......tapos yon eggs has a big numbers pa.....
tapos, gusto namin not only our class, want that we win, ano ang ginagawa namin......yon matabang snails, pina-itlog namin.....
nakita ko kasi ang mga snails na mataba at naku ang itlog.....
until now, takot at echchch

mabuti pa hindi ko nakita, until now, is still in my mind.....

sorry Nance.....hehehe
mataas na itong history ko....

thanks for sharing this post.....

Wish ko rin maka kita-punta sa New York!!!! someday, kung healthy lang ano?

Ay oo nga, I click your pics, with your daughter, nakita kita, ....

sigi, bye and thank you again.