Thursday, May 1, 2008

Milk Glass Collection

(please feel free to click all photos to enlarge)

A few years ago I started collecting milk glass. Why milk glass? I love their whiteness. White-on-white appeals to looks so elegant and classical! Pictured above are a few in my collection. You'll notice the head of my "pets" roosters; I am keeping my eyes open for the bottom parts ... what a joy would that be when I find the missing pieces. If you're a collector you'll know what I mean... you'll feel that triumph and a "thud" in your heart! :) One of the things that I did when I started collecting was to buy a book on milk glass. I learned various designs/patterns, what a good find is, and also a bad find, and manufacturers. Above are what an (English) hobnail (top shelf), a lacy edge bowl and a paneled-grape pattern (2nd & 3rd shelves) look like, manufactured by the Westmoreland Company. If you turn them over you'll see a monogram.

Every piece of my collection has a story to tell. I remember very well when I first saw the paneled grape pitcher and tumbler set at an antique store. I thought it was quite pricey at that time, but then when I got home all I could think of was that I wish I could buy it before someone else. So, that weekend me and hubby drove back to that antique store and what a joy I felt when I saw them still there! ... waiting for me, and at a discounted price! It pays to wait (sometimes) lol Oh yes, the two footed bowls on the left side are called beaded grape design, and on the right side, a banana bowl and a Silver Crest basket by Fenton.

I remember those times when my friends and I hooked up on weekends to scour rummage sales, antique stores, and/or auctions. The price of gasoline was a littler cheaper then. :) We called our outings a "mental health day". We considered it therapy for what ever ails us. I was trying to complete my milk glass dinner set then. At one yard sale, my friend saw the dinner plates first but then since she only needed a dinner set for 8, she gave me the other four. That was really nice of her. I am still missing 6 salad plates to complete my 12 serving set. What an experience would that be when I find the rest ... that would make them special!

I am running out of space at home, so this grouping is sitting on top of our microwave. The 2 rounded ones that look like decanters say, "1939 World's Fair". There is a vase with an old quilt pattern by Westmoreland (front middle), wine bottles, etc.

These two compotes are called "Shell Pink" milk glass. They are not white, but a shade of pink, a treasure to have and are hard to find. Behind them is a punch bowl set. Why do we collect? For me, there is nothing like collecting to renew my interest in life ... something beautiful to look at everyday ... it's one of the joys of living!


JeannieTheDreamer said...

Hello Nance, thanks for visiting today. Wow, what a collection you have :) It's nice to meet you, here's to a long friendship - cheers!


Mari said...

Wow, that is some collection you have. I started milk glass collecting years ago, but somehow I lost interest in it when I got into painting. Some of my small collection are now part of my junk; some I still keep in my dinning room hutch. When I have another yard sale, I'll probably put them on sale.

Nance said...

welcome to my blog! cheers! i will link yours to mine. i love to collect and it's not always a good thing! lol am running out of spaces but it's fun!

thanks for the visit and come again!

Nance said...

when is your yard sale? preview mo muna sa 'kin, :)

painting is fun too, wish i have more time to paint... am getting rusty! lol

pinaymama said...

just added u, thanks so much for the add!

Penny @ Lavender Hill Studio said...

Hi Nance!
Thank you so much for stopping by my blog to visit me! I have enjoyed coming to your blog too.

I love milk glass. You have an amazing collection. Do you live in Naples? I used to live in upstate NY in Hornell. I went to Naples all of the time...especially for their fall grape festival. Feel free to email me at with your answer..

nona said...

wow nance your photo says it all. What a collection, I agree...kakaibang fulfillment at joy ang hatid sa atin. Ty for sharing it.

Nance said...

thanks for adding me to yours and welcome to mine ... hope to see you back!

Nance said...

what? are u serious? ...small world! yes, i live in Naples, one of the beautiful small town around the fingerlakes. Fall grape festival is one of the busiest time here, as you know and i have i few friends who live in Hornell.

isn't modern technology something? it makes former "neighbors" seems closer! pls. visit my other blog, click here ... see if you recognized my hubby's art works.

welcome to my blog & pls. come again as i do the same.

Nance said...

thanks ... looking these pics again, i should have re-arranged them to show more of their beauty ... oh well. :)

hugs from the U.S.!

ghee said...

oh well!I love your collections,Nance!they re treasure!honestly,I havent seen anything like them here...or maybe havent paid an attention?hmmm

milk glass looks so pure and neat :)


Douce France..... said...

It's amazing! I am just realizing that there is quit a few people whom have the same addiction then me!! I love Milk glass! A bit to much as my husband thinks. You have a Great collection! I enjoyed going throught your blog!

Diane said...

I found another addict. I have enough milk glass to make it an heirloom for my three granddaughters. I have a hard time passing up anything but I still find great buys at yard sales. My little house is packed and my husband says no more unless it's something I don't already have. I just keep reminding him I need at least 3 of each!