Sunday, July 6, 2008

Glider Project

As promised and mentioned in my older post, we have this "ancient" glider that I planned to refinish. And we finally did it this past weekend. It was a family project, hubby and our son carried it to our backyard and me and my daughter sanded and painted it as you can see below.

And thanks to the magic of digital camera, here's what it looks like after it was painted. Funny, because when you're in the store you'd pick a color that you think you would like but once you apply it, it looks different from what you thought. I thought of painting it white but my husband discouraged me from it ... said rust will show more on white paint. Oh well, it still looks much better than before.

We carried it back to where it belonged ... our front porch. I am not real happy with the cushion, but since we were late buying cushions, all the nice designs and colors were gone. I'll see what I can do next summer.

And here's the other end of our front porch. I prefer sitting here now than our deck since porches have roofs and decks do not. It is so relaxing just to sit and read or just watch cars go by. Also, my plants in front are just starting to bloom so I'm enjoying them too.
Ok, one project down ... now if only I can make the kids wash our windows, I'll be a happy camper! lol


Mari said...

Your husband is right. Rust would come through white paint. Rust color on rust would not, however. LOL

I love the color you used. Good job.

Rhondi said...

The glider turned out great and I think your porch is such a cosy place to sit and read a book or watch the flowers grow. I'm sure you'll have many happy hours
Hugs, Rhondi

Donna said...

Hi Nance!

I love the finished project! I think it looks GREAT! I love the color!

I bet you do enjoy your front porch. It is beautiful!

I am the same way, I love to sit on our front porch, drink coffee, read, watch passing cars, etc.

Thanks for sharing!


Nona said...

Nance, the glider project looks great. I love the whole setting of your porch. Perfect for tea and coffee break. Good job!*thumbs up*

Nance said...

Thanks mari! hmmmm ... that's a good thought, rust on rust! :)

Nance said...

Hi rhondi - thanks. Yes, we are now enjoying our front porch. We had it renovated last summer. Old one did not have railings, it looks cozier now.

Nance said...

Thanks donna. Yes, it is so relaxing to go sit there after a day's work.

Nance said...

Geee ... thanks nona! we're enjoying it!

Donna said...

Hi Nance,
I love your glider! We used to have one and it was always so relaxing rocking back and forth on the back porch.
The color is pretty!

Thanks for visiting my blog. Come back again!


Vk-mahalkaayo said...

hi nance,
alam mo, i click the pics, kasi curious ako kung ano ito.
hindi ko pa nabasa ang post mo....
kasi isip ko, ano ito? ano ang project ni nancy n daugther nya.

uy, ang ganda nga ng result, really, kaya lang ang color ano?
mabuti siguro white, decent din yon present color nya, pero mas maganda siguro kung puti ano?

yon isang nook mo, ang ganda...hayahay sa isip at sa feeling, hindi ba?
parang mawala ang stress at parang very relaxing yon nock na ito.

ang ganda ng porch mo, maliwanag, malinis at comfortable.

while viewing your porch ang daming pumasok sa isip ko.

thanks for sharing your very comfortable place.

have a nice sunday, nance

regards n to your family,

Vk-mahalkaayo said...

ay oo nga, thsnk sa greeting ni kim.
tapos na ang bdays sa mga bata.
Praise god.

malaki na sila ano? has already 60% freedom...sabi nya hindi na daw ako maka sabi, NO kung pupunta siya sa disco up to 12midnight, drinks beer n Sekt...ngekkkk

hindi siya mag-school ng driving muna, kasi kung may license na siya, she needs anybody with her side kung magdrive siya, hindi kasi allowed dito to drive a car alone, kung hindi pa 18.

kaya yon ayaw nya, kasi useless daw hindi siya makaalis-drive

sigi, nance,ngayon lang ako, bc pa kaunti baka this coming weekdays, ok na.

thanks again for your visit ha?

Penny @ Lavender Hill Studio said...

Your glider looks wonderful in it's makeover!

ev said...

I simply like it. You have a natural talent to make things refined and artistic as it can be.I like the color combination.:)

nini said...

nance, you're a decorator too. u got natural talent that keeps branching out. the glider looks really comfy, way to go.


ann said...

Hi Nance! Presko ang dating ng porch mo, sarap mag relax.

Marina Capano said...

What gooD!I love the finished project!
Visit me anytime..xoxo