Saturday, November 22, 2008

Leftover Paradise

Last Friday, I took off early from work to go with my friend, Josie to a furniture (Gunlocke Outlet) store remnant's sale. When we got there, the store had thousands of yards of furniture fabrics and quality built furniture. I picked 7 rolls of fabric and my friend picked six. When we checked out, we thought they would measure the fabric, as that what's normally done at fabric stores. Imagine our surprise when the lady at the check out just estimated the price and said, "How does seven dollars sound to you?"
After we loaded them in the car, we were tempted to go back and get some more because they were practically just giving them away, but then we asked each other, "What will we do with them?" (if desired, pictures can be enlarged by clicking)

After I got home I decided to unroll and fold them instead. They ranged from 3 to 13 yards each roll, not bad, huh? My friend said she might make tote bags out of them and give them away for Christmas ... not a bad idea.
I don't know what to do with mine yet ... you know me, when I see a good buy, I get them anyway hoping that I might have a use for them someday.

To complete the day, before going home, Josie decided to show me how to make pan-de-sal (Philippine dinner rolls). I have to admit, she really makes a mean pan-de-sal! I did not realize that she doubled the recipe, so I ended up taking home a big bowl of dinner rolls! They tasted so good while warm. My hubby ate about half a dozen as soon as I got home!
Here's a picture of the dough being shaped ... they needed to rise before baking.

A picture of the baked dinner rolls; because it's homemade they are a little bit bigger than the regular pan de sals. It was a very productive and satisfying afternoon indeed for me and my friend, Josie!


ann said...

$7? Parang pamigay na nga lang yan. If you know how to sew marami kang magagawa dyan.

Mari said...

Wow! A $1 per roll. That's a steal.

Those are big pan de sals. They are like Baguio pan de sals. I like them when they are hot, fresh out of the oven and with latik spread. LOL

Tracy said...

Ooooo...I love places like that, with fabric & upholstry remnants, ususally such great deals to be had. Sounds like fun! Those rolls look sooo delicious. I'm not a big bread eater, but love a good roll...mmm...Thanks so much for stopping by my place and you're good wishes. We're so thrilled to be aunt and uncle to a new, sweet niece! Happy Days ((HUGS))

Lisa @ celebrate CREATIVITY said...

Wow, the dinner rolls look delicious.

Lucky you on the fabric front too. I'm soooo jealous. I love to fabric shoppe. It's a big weakness-lol.

What a great deal you found too. That's even better.

Enjoy your holiday (and your fabrics)

REDLAN said...

wow grabe. just keep and one day you can use them. That's a great idea! and the pandesal, yum yum! you had a productive day indeed!

nona said...

wow, great deal..for $7 only? I could sew bags, throw pillows etc. Daming pwede.
After gathering recipes for pandesal,lately I found was a success matagal lang ang rising time niya but worth it.
Give me some nance, for my hot coffee hehe.

Blue Rose said...

wow! ang mura naman. you can make lot of things out of that. pwede mo ring ibenta ulit or pamigay mo nalang sa amin. hehehe. JOKE!

by the way, thank you very-very for dropping by at my site.

ev said...

wonderful purpose of buying the fabrics..a handwoven material as giveaways for Christmas.

anyway, ang pan-de-sal dito sa Pilipinas ang liit na, ang isang pan-de-sal parang hanggang lalamunan nalang..di na aabot sa biutka..hehe!

masarap yang pan-de-sal lalo na 'pag sinasawsaw sa kape. hanggang ngayon nance di ko parin maintindihan kung bakit kelangan ilublob muna ang pan-de-sal sa kape bago kainin.:-)

Nance said...

Oo nga, pamigay na lang. medyo sawa na ako sa mga kurtina ko, kaya yong mahaba, baka gawin kong kurtina.

yeah, that was a steal!
i like my pan de sals warm with coco jam, yum yum!

Nance said...

nice seeing you here! I'm not a bread eater myself except those specialty bread, like Champagne, Italian,French bread etc...crunchy outside and softie inside. hmmm mmmm good!

Yeah, we got lucky on the fabric. the outlet store usually have a remnants sale before winter. i think they want to get rid of them to make room for new ones.

Nance said...

yes, i'm sure i can find a use for them, problem is, do i have time to make them? lol

i'd be interested to know your recipe. my friend made them a million times that there was no need to measure. it took us quite a while too waiting for them to rise. we were done w/our dinner and everything before they were ready to bake. uwi ko gabi na! :)

Nance said...

blue rose,
welkam! lol
ok, i will email you a roll. :) i like your blog so I'll add yours to mine, if you don't mind?

kakatuwa naman pala yong mga pandesals na dyan 'no? maliliit?
baka hinuhugasan muna bago kainin, di kaya? lol
o baka naman gusto nila yong pandesal na lasang kape? sana may gumawa na haluan ng kape na lang.

Blue Rose said...

sure nance! it's my pleasure to be in your blogroll.

thank you so much.

nini said...

nance, just stopping by to greet you happy thanksgiving! yummy pandesal! can you please share the recipe when you have time? thanks.


Vk-mahalkaayo said...

mora ng mga tela nabili mo......parang pamigay na.
at mga maganda pa........

making curtains or tablecloth?

ganda talaga.............

pandesal, sarap, lalo kung warm pa ano?

tagal ko ng hindi naka kain ng pandesal.....

easy to make ba lang ito?
or mabili ba dito ang ingrs?

parang masarap, nance............

touch na lang dito sa

have a nice weekdays ahead......

wrks na ako, minsan wholeday, dahil xmas na.........daming tao na rin.....

sigi, ingat

AngelMist said...

All of these treats you posted looks really yummy! Would you mind to share some recipe of the bun and pandesal? I love to bake too but just cakes and haven't tried any bread... Thanks

Joy said...

Wow! I would have loved to have gone fabric shopping with you. And Nance, please ask Josie if I can have the pan de sal recipe. My husband loves pan de sal, and only get to enjoy it when we are in Manila. Would love to make them here in Norwich, too!

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