Saturday, December 6, 2008

Gift giving ...

Most of us love holiday traditions, but when it comes to gift giving, I believe that there's plenty of room for being innovative.

When our kids were little we chose what kind of gifts to give them, and of course we always chose something educational and at the same time fun for them. They were so easy to please then; I have these memories of them waking us up early on Christmas day so we could all go downstairs and be surprised at what Santa brought them for Christmas. I will never let go of the memories of seeing their faces light up, and the sound of their screams of delight!

However, as they grew older, their taste for gifts changed; they didn't seem to enjoy our choices anymore. So I thought it's time for mom and dad to be more creative, I started asking them for a wish list. It will still be a surprise because they do not know what they are getting but at least we know that whatever they will get, it will be something that they really like and not something that will go to waste. I have to smile at how innovative their wish list was. There were stars on each item ... you could tell what they really, really wanted by the number of stars marked on each item. To this day, I still have those earlier wish lists. Pictured below are a couple, dated 2003 and 2005. My son was only 12 and 14 years old then.

Now that they are 17 and 22 years old respectively, and with the availability of online shopping, we let them pick one gift for Christmas online so that one is no longer a surprise, in addition to a wish list. It's really sad to do it this way but I guess this generation is completely different from my generation; we have to flow with the changes life brings. We really don't have to, but I hate to waste a hard earned dollars for something that they don't like or need.

Now, I am interested to know how is gift giving done in your family?

I hope, my dear friends that you are able to join together with your families and friends to celebrate the ho ho ho season! Have a MERRY, MERRY CHRISTMAS everyone!


Tracy said...

Well, we don't have children ourselves, but there are several sweet young ones in our life as we are aunt & uncle to lovely nieces and a nephew...we as for wish lists, which makes it so much easier. With our parents we don't do much give-giving anymore, as we all have what we need, so gifts are for the kids. I usually surprise friends with a little something. And I try to make as many gifts as I can, whether handmade or something from my kitchen. Happy Days, Nance as you make ready for the holidays! :o) ((HUGS))

Nona said...

We normally do the gift giving our traditional way. Pero tama ka Nance, as they grow nagbabago ang taste nila so ang ginagawa namin we asked them what they want para at least we spent money sa gusto na nila.
Well, wishing you the best for the holiday season with your family. Ho ho ho Merry Christmas!

Mari said...

You're right, Nance. When they're still young they are not picky yet. Once they are in their teens, that's when they get choosy. Having a wish list is a great idea; just like a wedding registry. LOL

REDLAN said...

wow, you still keep the 2005 wish list. iba na nga ang panahon ngayon. kapag online purchase mas easy. tama ka, mabuti na malaman kung ano gusto nila kesa bumili ka na hindi naman pala nila gusto, mawi-waste lang talaga.

sa akin, kapag family and friends alam ko kung ano ang mga gusto nila lalo na ang mga nieces at nephews ko. kung hindi ko alam at wala na akong time sa pagbili, pera na lang binibigay ko. usually after christmas ako o new year nagbibigay. yung lang kasi ang time na nagkikita kami together.

merry christmas sa sau at sa family mo. more blessings to come!

ev said...

while I don't have kids of my own yet:D, i have my dear nephews and niece to give their wish lists with. And it's a wonderful feeling because you just cannot pay enough the smiles in their faces when it's about time for them to open their gifts.

wow!it's sure a great feeling to you nance and your hubby to still be able to enjoy the gift-giving to your children even when they've grown to be taller than you both.:) and yeah, their tastes about things really changed as they grow matured. However, it's still good that the spirit of Christmas in your family hasn't ever changed.

Advance Merry Christmas to you my friend! Send my greetings also to your whole family.:)

Blue Rose said...

wow! seems everything was set for the holidays.

tama, ka jan it is better to asked them what they want than to waste money for the things that they will never appreciate.

for my parent & siblings, binibili ko kung ano sa tingin ko ang mas kailangan nila pero mas madalas na pera nalang ang binibigay ko at bahala nalang silang bumili kung ano ang gusto nila. for my nieces & nephews, madalas na damit or gamit sa school or laruan lang binibigay ko.

dodong flores said...

Hi, Nance. Merry X'mas and a Happy New Year. Enjoy the season with the whole family...

kneeko said...

yeah your right... much better talaga na papipiliin mo na lang ang mga bata kung ano gusto nila...

merry xmas to u and to ur family nanCE..


Joy said...

My family are predictable, but sometimes it's best to ask them what they really want. If it's within my budget, then they get it!

Thanks for visiting Norwich Daily Photo and leaving your comments. Have a great start to your first week in 2009!

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