Saturday, March 14, 2009

A Day in My Life

Hello there, my name is Oreo. Welcome to my office.

... I know that computer mouse is here somewhere!

... argh! more junk mail!

...sitting by the telephone, screening phone calls. No need for caller ID!

... I make a mean cup of coffee!

Mr. Jones can see you now.

... right this way, please.

... this food looked better on TV!

... noontime siestas are not only in Mexico!

I'm pooped!

Boy, this is hard life!

... sigh ... another day, another dollar!


REDLAN said...

Galing ng interpretation ng post na 'to. hehehe. Bida pa si Oreo.

Mari said...

Oh, he's pooped. Ha ha ha ha...very entertaining, Nance.

ghee said...

awww,Oreo is really cute and smart!!I wonder how a mean coffee taste?haha!

food looked better on TV?haha,that was funny!

the last pic was a "soother" :D

Tracy said...

Oreo! What a busy day you had...well deserved rests there! Such a fun post, Nance! Hope Oreo will show us another day in his life soon :o) Happy week, my friend ((HUGS))

ann said...

hehehe...galing magtago ng mouse..naramdaman yata ang pagdating ng pusa.

Blue Rose said...

hahaha. bida si oreo, very entertaining.

It's moi said...

What a day of Oreo's life. Kakatuwa ang captions hehe. Thanks nance.Naaliw ako. promise.

Monica said...

Hi Nance, you've been tagged here! ;-)

Monica said...

haha such a cute name...Oreo!!!

ev said...

how cute!:D