Sunday, August 15, 2010

Summer harvest is here!

YESTERDAY, my friend, Josie invited me to go pick veggies from her garden... she is always so willing to share her bounties.

We have a very good summer this year, veggies and fruits are plentiful and are looking great...not to mention delish too!
Here I am with my morning therapy at Josie's garden bed! lol Josie and hubby planted, long and green beans, tomatoes, snow peas, squash, zucchini, corn, peanuts, cucumbers, onions and gourd.

... bag full of green beans, all for me!

... eggplants! Yum! We also picked cucumbers, snow peas and squash blossoms but for some reason, the program is not letting me upload them??? (have to look more into this problem later)

So, now please excuse me for I have to go cook and also freeze some while they are at their freshest! Hope you are all enjoying your summer!


Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Nance, WOW--what a garden... That is so nice of them to share with you... It makes me hungry just looking at those green beans and eggplant.

Hope you had a great trip...

Ebie said...

Nance, what a healthy garden Josie has. Pwede na magluto ng pinakbet.

OK, maybe you should reduce the size of your photos so you can upload them. I always reduce mine to web size.

Tracy said...

DELICIOUS! Oh, I'd love some of those green beans & eggplant! Oh, you were wondering about our kale. In the raw, it's leaves are tougher, like cabbage--and kale is a cabbage relative. Cooked is best, and rather like spinach but with much more bitter taste. You'd like it! :o)

ev said...

God is so great that He provides us the things that'll nourish us.

Hope you enjoyed the meal nance!I thought too of posting my father's little vineyard, bearing bitter gourd.:D

Joy said...

Oh wow! Now that is a fantastic thing to have - a friend who has an allotment full of delicious fruits and veg! Send me some!

Sorry I haven't visited sooner. But many thanks for visiting Norwich Daily Photo and leaving your comment. Come visit again tomorrow!

Mari said...

Love those veggies, Nance. Wish I could be close by and pick some for myself and make some pinakbet or dinengdeng. My veggies plants are not doing well. Must be the heat.

ghee said...

wow,pwedeng maki join?haha! how i love veggies...all we can get from our small garden are tomatoes,a few green peppers,eggplants and peppers, craving for those fresh green beans!!!

Hi Nance!!good to see you again!Thanks for dropping me some lines at my blog. :)