Saturday, January 19, 2008

Fried Rice

One morning my son came to me and asked, "Hey, mom? ... do we have leftover rice, bacon, and eggs?" To which I replied, "Hmmm, that sounds like ingredients for a fried rice." No answer ... but he gave me that smug look that says, "Would you make it please?" I stopped what I was doing and said, "Ok, I'll go and make it for you ... now I know what you'll miss when you go to college ... " :)

Needless to say, my fried rice is one of my family's favorites. They think I make a mean fried rice. I suggested to order chinese fried rice once, and my son said, "It's not the same"... I took that as a compliment. :) He wants his mommy's fried rice! lol Is it the ingredients that I put together? ... is it the pinoy wok where I cooked it in? ... or is it the "love" that all mothers put in their cooking that makes it special?

Being a mom takes a lot of effort and you must have the ability to multi-task. It is a very demanding and tough job. You are expected to help with homework, support and attend their school activities, listen to their endless (it seems) instrument practices, and do the household chores while preparing meals. Our rewards would be to see them grow up making good choices, become good citizens with morals and values, and/or, in this case, hearing them say to their friends, "My mom's fried rice is THE best!" :)


Mari said...

Yes, it's the love that goes with it. Your heart swells with pride when they say, "Mom's is the best."

Vk-mahalkaayo said...

hi nance,

anak ko rin, the best Milk Rice is from Mama.....

what i do, the rest cooked rice, i cooked it again with Milk and put sugar and cinnamon....

so champorado na, vk´s style....
if i have still "tableya", chocolate from a Cacao beans, self-made ng Nanay ko....then i put some, so choco.milk rice.

I am still here, open my eyes....
bukas pa ako ihatid ni bernie sa ospital......hay magpaganda sana, ano? para hindi maging matanda...jokes only

cgi, bye

Nini said...

looks so yummy, i'm hungry now. i can't blame your son. mom cooks the best.


Norm said...

wow sarap naman nito nance! Hello! here I am again pls vote my friend JOYDOB just visit her site and vote here thank you so much and happy weekend

Nance said...

what an ingredient indeed! you don't even have to say it, ... it will speak by itself.
ahhh ... love ... a universal "language"

Nance said...

champorado with a homemade choco!
oh la la... a comfort food, sarap!

good luck don sa OP, ipagdasal kta, n pls ... let me know ok?

Nance said...

wanna come and have breakfast with us? :)

am sure your pumpkins have a good memories of your cooking too... their fave, loving aunt!

did u had the chance to make the baklava w/ them?

Nance said...

i sure will, norm. i will go vote for your friend as soon as i'm done replying.

and you have a good weekend too. it's a long weekend for us due to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr holiday.

ghee said...

I think all of the above,Nance;the ingredients,the pinoy wok,but a mother`s love is on top of them all!

yeah,im sure our kids will miss our dishes soon as they get out of house :)

we call fried rice "chahang" here,and i add all of the leftovers in my ref,hehe..practical and makes it yummy:

happy monday,Nance!

Mommy Doodles said...

That's great! I love to try new things, not always when my son think he has a recipe (he's almost 3)!
would love to exchange links, i have you blogrolled!

Thanks, Melanie

Lisa Leonard said...

Your blog is fun! I think I might come over for some of your yummy fried rice!! xoxo

Nance said...

is "chahang" a japanese word? hmmm, then I learned something new today! lol

Melanie (aka mommy doodles),
nice to see you here. I added your link. pls. come again.

you're welcome anytime to have fried rice w/us! I'll keep the lights on for you! :)

Dawn said...

That dish looks delicious. How wonderful that your son has a favorite "mama" dish. Mine's not quite old enough; he's still too picky.

Dennis said...

iba talaga magluto si mommy..looks so delicious!

Nance said...

That's true, they don't know how to appreciate yet when they are that young but ... it will come and your son will be raving of your cooking!

I think our children acquired the taste of mom's cooking, that is why they think it's the best. :)

julia said...

hi there! i add your links to my blog can u add me too?

Nance said...

sure, julia. i will add you right now and welcome to my blog!

ann said...

Ganyan din mga kids ko kaya kahit matrabaho yang fried rice na yan, sige lang.

ghee said...

dropping by and saying hello,Nance :)

hope youre having a nice time out there.


Jilly said...

Mommy food is always so comforting!!! Your rice looks like it came out deliciously. When he's 35 and married he will still be calling you and asking you to cook for him!!

Nance said...

how true, we do almost everything and anything for our kids. they are our pride and joy!

i'm ok so far, it's winter here and i think i need some sunshine to give me that "oommmph" :)

welcome to my blog!
i just hope his mrs. will not get jealous when that time come. I will try to be a nice mother-in-law! ahem!