Monday, January 5, 2009

Propagating an African Violet

I love African Violets, that is why when one of my friends told me how to propagate them, I was ecstatic!

I tried it for the first time this summer. I was intimidated at first but hey, there's no harm in trying, right? In this picture, I was also potting cuttings from my other indoor plants.

This is what I was told, and believe me, it worked! Snip a leaf from a healthy African Violet. Cut the leaf part in half so that the nutrients will be concentrated in the new plants. Cover the stem lightly with potting soil and keep it moist. I kept the pot on our front porch, with plenty of light, but not direct sunlight.

I used a potting soil especially for African Violets, but you can use any other potting soil, I believe.

After about 6-8 weeks, tadaaaa! ... new plants from the old! Isn't this rewarding? It only required a simple method, a little patience, minimal work and the result was successful! If you look closely, there are 2 new plants in here. My friend said she usually gently separates the "babies" from the "mother" leaf, and after a few weeks it will reward you with more babies. I opted not to do that.
I have to 'fess up though, the photo below was started in early summer while the photos above were taken in the Fall and because of the cold temps I kept them by our window. Sadly, only one out of three African Violets made it but it's not looking good ... not getting enough light, I assumed. Next time, I will attempt to propagate again in the summer now that I know it worked.
So there, you have it my good friends... how to propagate an African Violet. Happy gardening! ;)

From reading about African Violets, (opinion varies though) you're not supposed to wet their leaves, so I let the pot sits on a tray or dish, and fill the dish with water. I took a picture of my African Violets that are in my office just to give you an idea. AND they like their roots crowded, so don't plant them in big pots.


Mari said...

Thanks for the tip. I will try it come spring. I have 3 African violets and they are all healthy, but only one is blooming. I wonder why? I have them in my kitchen in my green house window.

Tracy said...

My grandmother loved African violet...every time I see one, I think of her. She had tons of them all over her house, and then later when she was in a care facility she still had some in her room. I've never done plant propagation before. I'm looking forward to spring and garden season already though--LOL! Happy Day, Nance ((HUGS))

ev said...

do you know about having "green thumb"?don't know if its the right term nance but this is what some call to those who get to grow flowers or any plants easily.

i remember only one instance when i planted "alugbati"(a vege) in our backyard when I was a child..i had always been excited then for them to grow..haha!but sad to say, i grew up unable to maintain the hobby. i can only wish i will have more time to venture into this mother has flowers in our front yard..and i am only content to get pictures of them.hehe!

i wonder if there's african violets in my place..ang ganda kasi. that's a very good hobby to start the year nance.

thanks for the greetings!:)

Scooterblu's Whimsy~Rhonda said...

How neat is that! I love African Violets and will have to try this! I had a great aunt who raised them, but I was too young to know what she did with them. Some of hers were huge and she had them everywhere. They have since been one of my favorite flowers! Thanks for sharing this! ~RHonda :)

REDLAN said...

wow, thanks for sharing the tips in propagating african violets! It gives me an idea to have one grow and give it to one of my closest friends who is a violet color lover. I dunno if there's african violet na mabibili dito sa market. I'll try to ask when there's flower show on malls.

I'll be back on this post to read the instructions again when I have already african violet to propagate.

Joy said...

How wonderful you're into gardening. I used to be myself when I was a little girl, but now I enjoy visiting gardens more than maintaining one. Violets are beautiful.

Thanks for visiting Norwich Daily Photo and leaving your comments. Have a great first week in 2009!

A Pinay In England
Your Love Coach
I, Woman

Nance said...

Hi Mari,
I used to have an African violet that blooms continuously until I re-potted it in a bigger pot, then it died on me. :(
Give the other two some time, talk to them, lol, they will bloom someday.

Hello there Tracy - yes, I know a lot of people who collects them. That was my first propagation too, that was why I was so excited when the new plants started to show up. Ahh, spring, I can't wait to go get dirty! lol

Nance said...

Hi Ev,
I am always told I have green thumb, not black thumb, maybe because in the winter, there are plants on every window of our house...a natural air freshner! :) I take them out to our porch and deck in the summer.
Oh, I love alugbati, delish in mungo, one of my favorite vege.

Try to go to a garden store, they might have AV's.

Nance said...

Hi Rhonda,
Pretty neat, huh?! :) I was so excited too. I can't wait to try it again in the summer.
The link "African Violets" on my post offers a wide varieties of AV's. I'm lucky enough to live just 5 minutes drive to their store. Anybody will enjoy just browsing what they offer...they even have miniatures. I bought a few from them.

Nance said...

Hi Red,
You're welcome! I'm expecting to hear a show and tell when you find one. :) I'm not really sure if we cultivate them in Pinas...they probably have some or at least heard of in bigger garden stores in the cities.

Nance said...
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Nance said...

Hi Joy,
Yes, I'm into gardening, big time! :) I find it very therapeutic. For outdoor, I specially love dahlias and lilies. I have to be careful though, to get plants that deer and/or other animals tend to avoid. We have a lot of wild life in our yard, squirrels, woodchucks, possum, wild turkeys, etc. I love animals but boy, oh boy, when they go clean up my tulips in the spring, i feel like #@x*'s love-hate relationship! lol

Lynne (lynnesgiftsfromtheheart) said...

Nance, I'm so glad you were blog hopping and popped in.. things are abit aray right now..but hang loose it's coming together I love your blog. How rewarding to see those beautiful plants growing. My grandmother always had them in her kitchen window.. Thanks for bringing the memories back...hugs ~lynne~
I'll add you to my blog roll..

Sexy Mom said...

hello Nance,

thanks for visiting--you're always welcome to come back.

i used to have a colleague who propagated african violets indoors--that is, in our office. she would put the pots by the window and take care of them until they grow, then distribute them in each work station.

there are really people who have the green thumb. me, nada, i am hopeless.

belated happy new year!

AngelMist said...

I love gardening! We have african violets and I don't want to touch it as I'm afraid it will die. They grow good by the window.

Mari said...

Nance, I read that these plants like their roots cramped in a pot. Re-pot them only when they are way, way too big for the pot.

dodong flores said...

I see you also love plants. I'm not familiar with African violets, though.
I wish you and family a Happy and Prosperous 2009

Blue Rose said...

wow! so you are really a plant lover.

thanks for sharing the tips.

Hi! I'm Grace said...

African violets are good. I will try to plant one this spring. Thanks for this post.

Photo Cache said...

Thanks for the visit to my blog. Oh you not only have green thumb, you can bake and cook too :) You are so blessed with talents.

ghee said...

Happy New Year,Nance!!

yes,thats so rewarding!you have a green thumb talaga!

i wonder if there`s a japanese violet?hehe i`ll try to do gardening this spring,and i know that i have a lot to learn.thanx for the tip!!

happy weekend!!

Monica said...

look at those lovely little plants! ;-)
I'm not good at gardening at all but I love beautiful gardens..

Vk-mahalkaayo said...

green hands talaga ka.........

ganda, ready ka na sa summer ha....

malamig pa, nance....matagal pa ang spring.

ang lamig talaga ngayon ano?