Sunday, January 11, 2009

Snow Day

Since one of my blogger friend, Redlan, enjoys seeing photos of snow and since it snowed all night last night, this morning I went outside and took more pictures of our backyard.
Pictured here is our apple tree. You'll notice a tree house that is now falling apart. When our kids were little, they used to enjoy going up there.

... view at a different angle.

I love how the snow outlined the tree branches in this photo. This is an ash tree.

See what we have to go through every time we get snow? Uncover our cars! We don't have a garage so we park them on our driveway, exposed to weather conditions.

This is how much snow we have after the guy plowed our driveway...about 4 ft. tall which is not too bad, other times it's taller than this.

This is the same angle as the one I posted below, can you tell the difference?


Vk-mahalkaayo said...

hallo nance,

kumusta na.......

wow kanindot sa views sa mga pics, mo.
ang ganda, gandang gawain na postcard.

very nice views,talaga.

dito rin ang ginawww, last na malamig dito, so more than minus 10, last yr., ang lamig, minus 15 as of now, sa balkon namin ang thermometer-barometer ba yan?

hoping next week, sana ok-ok na ang temp.....

cgi, have a nice sunday there.......

Hi! I'm Grace said...

OH yeah, Nance, this morning we have a lot of snow, too, that it makes all around looks gray and white. I did not take any picture because the cold is unbearable for me.
Have a blessed sunday. :)

Vk-mahalkaayo said...

nance ang Schweinfurt,malayo sa amin,sa bayern-Bavaria na ito.
mga around 4 hrs to drive, maganda ang place na ito, malapit na din sa Austria.

magandang place to have a vacation, kasi maganda ang land nila, maraming snow din......
Munich is part din nito.

ay oo nga yon mission na yon, pati phils, they help the street children and children who are in Prison.

thnks again.........

Vk-mahalkaayo said...

really, you like sa sausage dito?
daming-daming klase ang sausage dito, prang every place-land may specialty cla,

kung malapit or hindi masayadong mahal ang postage padalhan
at for this time, Foods- preserve or fresh, prohibited daw palabas....yon ang narinig ko.
at strict din dyan sa inyo...USA

chocos?..-gusto ko ang choco sa Swiss or sa belgium........

cgi, thnks again ha?

Mari said...

Brrrrrrr...I can't live in a very cold place, Nance. Just by looking at your pictures makes me cold already. I have experienced snow in Chicago and St. Louis sometime in the 70's and I was so eager to get back home here in sunny California. They look very nice, thought. A true winter wonderland.


nona said...

Hi Nance, yeah I'm back but no post yet just roaming around here. Dami ko na-miss na post mo pero binasa ko lahat and the pastries makes my tummy growlll hehe, kakagutom. I wanted to make enseymada but I don't have recipe too.
Love the pictures of snow...esp you did it in black and white. Glad that we were in manila when the snow storm strikes here the day after we left for Manila,muntik na kami di matuloy. Miss you. :)

Sriram said...

Hi friend.. Nice post..Hope u r a good writer.. Visit my blog and post your comments.. I have added you to my blog roll.. Hope you too will do the same.. Take care... Keep in touch mate!!!

Photo Cache said...

I love looking at snowy pictures too, probably bec in this part of california we never get it. if we do its only a slight dusting and often in the higher elevations.

Nice shots.

Blue Rose said...

OMG! ang ginaw naman jan. aatakihin ako lagi ng migraine kapag ganyan kalamig.

i love your snow photos. thanks for sharing.

star said...

Thanx mate!!! Keep in touch.. Cheers!!!

Tracy said...

Your winter wonderland is lovely there, Nance...beautiful photos! Happy week to you all...keep warm! :o) ((HUGS))

star said...

ya.. sure.. i agree with what you say.. we must look out for peace..

Monica said...

nice shots of winter scenes!

oh btw, you've been tagged! ;-)

Scooterblu's Whimsy~Rhonda said...

Beautiful! :) ~hugs, Rhonda

Nance said...

Hi Vk
yan ang temp namin this week, 1-2 digits below zero ... lamigggggg!
Oo, masarap ang sausages dyan. punta din kami sa Switzerland noon at masarap nga ang mga chocos nila.

gandang araw din sa 'yo.

i really don't mind the cold much, bcause you can always bundle up... it's when the roads get too bad to drive... very stressful.

Nance said...

Brrrr... nga talaga Mari but you know what? you get used to it, your body will acclimate, it used to bother me a lot too, but not anymore.

Keep warm, my friend! :)

ev said...

Para silang yung mga pics na nakikita ko lang sa mga posters o postcards and yet you're experiencing it. Though I see joy in looking at it still I cannot imagine myself dealing with snow. It's cold here in the Phils. for a week now..and i feel like i don't wanna go out..nagfe-freeze ako.hehe! Now how much more with snow.yayy!

take care nance!

Lisa @celebrate CREATIVITY said...

Beautiful photos. Wow, that's a lot of shoveling-lol.

Stay warm.

REDLAN said...

nagcomment ako dito, hindi siguro nagsuccess ang pagpost ko. salamat sa special mention @ Nance. Am sure kapag nakatingi ka sa apple tree, mapicture mo ang kids mo nun, and it makes you smile.

ang kaibahan ng pics ay sobrang snow ang latter.

Happy weekend Nance!

ghee said...

Hi Nance,

I really love snow and I luv the pics!!but wow!4 ft tall??geezzz...i bet shoveling is not a sweet job at all...

happy weekend,Nance!!
keep warm!!

Dena ~ swaddlecottage said...

Ola Kaibigan,

What amazing photos! That Ash tree with the perfect outline is just beautiful. Hope you are staying warm!


Nance said...

welkam bak, nona. take your time, am sure you have plenty to attend to. teka nga pala, 'san ang pasalubong namin? lol
I saw the snow storm on tv...somebody up there was watching over you. miss u too.

welcome to my blog. I have added yours already. pls. come again.

photo cache,
glad you like the pictures. come on over and we'll build a snowman... or have a snowball fight! :)

Nance said...

blue rose,
maginaw nga, pero sanayan lang. i used to get a lot of migraines so i know what you mean. take care.

you're welcome, star!

happy week to you too. we'll keep in touch!

Thanks for the tag and visit.

Have a good weekend, enjoy your party!

Nance said...

I used to say the same thing about pictures of snow on cards. i used to wonder how snow feels like, now i have my share with snow! :0

That's a lot of snow indeed. We used to build a snow fort, it was fun.

you're not imagining things, ;) yes, you did a comment, sa ibabang post ko. Oo nga magandang memories pag tingnan ko ang apple tree.
you're very much welcome! ;)

kaibigan, thanks for dropping by amid your busy class schedules.

kneeko said...

nance, hope to see u on april... spring na ba un or still snowy?

caryn said...

brrr! nance, that looks sooo cold! it's freezing in tokyo too, but it hasn't snowed yet. sigh.