Sunday, February 1, 2009

Let there be light ...

Ever wonder how many lights you have at home? I went around our house but didn't bother to count them because I know we have more stored away in the barn. Anyways, here is a parade of lamps that brings style and also light dark hallways and rooms in our home.
Below is a maiden art nouveau light. We bought this in Canada; the store had a life- size mermaid floor lamp too which hubby preferred but it was too big and the shipping and handling alone cost an arm and a leg so we settled with this smaller version; height-27" and the "shade" is fan-shaped frosted glass.

Swing-arm desk lamp (maybe an electrical version of a whale oil lamp). I bought it at a moving sale; shade has a perforated hand painted leaf/flower design in pastels.

Very common and casual table lamp.

Part of my milk glass collection... they are not in use.

Glass-base table lamp; if I am not mistaken, my mother-in-law made the shade; she was very much into crafts. Not in use.

Miniature lamp, lost among my plants.

Brass table lamp by the telephone.

Milk glass hurricane style table lamp.

Hurricane table lamp, the top is the main light, bottom is a night light. This is one of my favorites. This is a beautiful antique-style table lamp patterned after classic oil-burning lamps from the Victorian era. The design features blue roses on very light blue tinted glass. Switch controls top as main light and the bottom as night light. I bought it at a yard sale.

... main light.

Another hurricane table lamp with glass base and a ceramic garden jar table lamp...from a moving sale.

Tall table lamp, not so sure but this looks like Kathy Ireland brand. Base is gold finish with yellow faux marble accents. I plan to re-do the shade with black and white toile.

Tall table lamp, set, brass base with interesting design decorated with red tear drop crystals, red velvet shade. Also, a porcelain and an oil table lamps, with hand made shade by my mother-in-law.

...part of the red shade lamp set above.

Wall lights...

Our only floor lamp... an old timer.

Recessed lights.

Tiffany style ceiling lights ...

I can't believe I have all these. Now, you'll probably wonder how many lamps you have yourself.
Have a great day everyone!


Emma said...

Phew! That's a lot of lamps! I know I don't have that many! You have some really nice ones too.


Mari said...

Wow! That's a lot of lamps. They are pretty, though, and I love, most especially, the last two lamps - the tiffanys. They are very colorful.

I don't think I have that many. I, however, have a lot of switches that at times I am confused on which one to turn on or off.

REDLAN said...

Wow, dami pa lang lamps at ang gaganda pa. Tama ka at napaisip rin ako kung ilan ang ilaw sa bahay nami. Great collection Nance. Thanks for sharing.

Tracy said...

Wow, Nance, that is a LOT of lamps--LOL! But sooo many pretty ones you have. I especially like that lady with the fan and the red-velvety one!...hhhmmm...I wonder how many lamps are around here--must got count! ;o) Happy week to you & yours :o) ((HUGS))

Dena ~ swaddlecottage said...

Magandang Umaga Kaibigan,

I love all of your lamps and I feel better knowing I am not the only lamp addict! Hubby said yesterday..."please honey, no more lamps!" Silly man ;)


Joy said...

You love your lamps, Nance! :D No lamps at my place at all.

Thanks for visiting A Pinay In England and leaving your comments.

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Hi! I'm Grace said...

Wow! Pretty lamp shades! Are those your collections?
We also have few lamp shades here but we don't light all of them.
By the way, you were asking me why we can't take with us our things moving to Florida, because it cost too much to ship them. :(

nona said...

Daming lamps! And they're all beautiful. Napaisip din ako, kung ilan ang lamps namin sa bahay.Si hubby ang mahilig diyan, at gusto pa niya buksan lahat. Awww ang electric bills...pls...!?

ghee said...

OMG Nance!!How big is your house ba?haha! I got used with the "compact" houses here in Japan and now I m really startled to find out the numbers of your lamps!

gee...theyre all treasure!

i luv the...and the...also the...i luv them all!! :D

REDLAN said...

I will wait for the postcard post. hehehe.

Nance said...

Hi Emma,
Welcome to my blog!
I didn't realize I have these many until i started noticing them. :)
Thanks for your visit.

Hola Mari!
You have good taste! lol the last two are real nice.
That's the advantage of having a bear who loves gizmos. :)

Nance said...

Salamat, Redlan. I guess you can call this a collection. :)

Hi Tracy,
Sure is, and yeah, that lady is a keeper! lol

Nance said...

Kumusta Dena,
You gotta love that silly man! We can't live without them! :)

Hi Joy,
No lamps, nothing to dust. I like that! lol

Nance said...

Hi Grace,
i didn't really mean to collect lamps. I didn't know we have all these until I went around taking pictures.

Hi Nona,
Hilig din pala ni hubby huh? yep,magastos nga sa electricity. salamat sa bisita!

Nance said...

Hi ghee!
bahay kubo lang bahay namin. lol
he he he, 'kakatuwa ka talaga! have a good weekend, my friend!

I will post them sometime. :) thanks for the reminder.

Monica said...

Hi Nance! WOW wow...your house has so many beautiful lamps; I like the one with the fan-shaped frosted glass ;-)

ev said...

wow!parang collection of lamps..ganun na nga siguro yun.hehe!very nice lamps nance..i like the brass table lamp most of all, seems to have mysterious effect..hehe

Godbless my fren!

Reg said...

I love the miniature lamp! It was interesting seeing all the lamps you have! You have a lot! :P Mabilang nga ang lamps namin sa bahay... :P

Penny @ The Comforts of Home/Lavender Hill Studio said...

Your lamps are lovely. I have quite few also. I don't like dark corners.....

Blue Rose said...

Lot of lamps ha! i like them. they are beautiful. thanks for sharing this with us.

caryn said...

wow, that IS a lot of lamps ;-) thanks for sharing your collection with us!