Saturday, November 17, 2007

Hibiscus (Gumamela)

For years my hibiscus plant has been rewarding me with solid peach color blooms pictured above ... although it came out more of a yellow shade, it really is peach color in "person" lol

So, imagine my surprise when this two-toned flower popped up! I live in an area where winters are cold, so my hibiscus is mostly indoors. How it crosses with different hybrids (if that was the case) is mind-boggling to me! This just goes to show, i guess, that plants, like humans, come in different personalities, colors, and sizes!


Mari said...

Wow, that is so pretty. I have not seen a peach colored one yet in real life. I have one I bought months ago, and it's not doing well. My guess is that, I should repot or transplant on the ground.

Great going with your blog.

Nance said...

Como esta usted, Mari? :)
If i'm not mistaken, i think it takes about 3 years for a young hibiscus to start blooming. Once it does, it blooms like crazy! So be patient and give it a lot of TLC ... and lots of sunshine!

ghee said...

That`s interesting!Hibiscus on winter?maybe you have a green thumb :)

Thanx for your comments,Nance. the first time you visited me,I tried to find your site but there was no link kahit sa blog ni Mari.I`m glad that you put your URL today :)

Have a nice week ahead!keep in touch and I`ll keep on visiting you. :)


Nance said...

ghee, finally, we connect! lol
Yeah, i usually take all my indoor plants outside in the summer then bring them indoor when the temp. goes down.
my blog is listed as "Fun and Family" in Mari's blog. make sure to visit my other blog too, while you're at it. :) may i link your blog to mine?
have a good one!

kneeko said...

hmmm you're right it looks like more yellow pastel hehe... back in the phil, i do landscaping in our garden... ang i love plants...

Pepe said...

Thanks for dropping by and for the comment Nance....! Sure i will glad to exchange link with you....! Balik ka dun ulit anytime....! =D

Nance said...

hey, kneeko, would you landscape my front yard? he he he ... we just had our front porch renovated and they trampled all over my plants ... have to re-establish them in the summer.

pepe, i sure will balik to your site. it's very entertaining. you're welcome here anytime too.

nini said...

this is one in a million shot. i've never seen anything like this one.


Nance said...

isn't it though? imagine seeing a two-toned bloom when the rest of them are solid color for years?
freak of nature, perhaps?