Sunday, November 4, 2007

Halloween Treat

There was a time when the whole family voyaged into the dark to go trick-or-treating. I trailed behind Red Riding Hood, Power Ranger, Pocahontas, Cow, E.T. or whatever was their fancy at that year. Hubby was smart enough and followed us in the car. Oh well, until now, he doesn't know what he missed! lol
It was fun hearing them chant, "trick or treat!" and "thank you"... it was fun following them from house to house and got scared ... it was fun watching them dump their loot as soon as we got home.

Then they grew up! (boo hooo) They started going out with their own friends. This Halloween our son and his pals turned a house for sale (w/owner's permission, of course)into a "Haunted House" for trick or treaters. Then they hid, made noises and jumped out at kids to scare them.Since everybody expected to be scared, they all had a ball! Two of my son's pals dressed up as Banana, another was a Gorilla and he was Jimi Hendrix. Attached is a photo, mixed as video for memories. I still missed those times when we all went out on Halloween nights but for the past 3 years, it was nice to just sink into an armchair, watch tv, sip a glass of wine,and revel being alone!


Mari said...

Yup, once they think they are grown up, they want to be on their own, no mom or pop following them trick or treating; they pick their own costume, but you pay...LOL.

Hey, not bad video...I haven't done that myself.

Thanks for sharing.

Nance said...

MARIIII!!! thanks for the visit! lol oh yes, they think ma and pa's pockets are deep! wait till they're on their own ... they'll probably "shop" at yard sales! he hehe