Wednesday, November 21, 2007

We Give Thanks ...

In the spirit of Thanksgiving Day, November 22, I give thanks ...

... for the "S" word, the first sign of winter! I took this photo of our deck last Saturday ... a dusting of snow! Except for the icy road, I kinda like snow specially on Christmas day, it makes everything look magical ... winter also makes you look forward and appreciate spring.

... for my family's good health, for old and new friends, and for all of God's graces and blessings.

... to men and women in the military, those who have served and currently serving, putting their life on the line for us to live free.



Mari said...

I love that deck of yours. I would love to have one like that, but unfornately my house is not designed for first floor is right on the ground.

Have a Blessed and a Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.

Nance said...

Thanks Mari! we have a glider/swing on one side and i usually spend hours relaxing and being lazy on a nice sunny days.
how was your thanksgiving dinner? i am pleased w/my turkey this time.

nini said...

happy thanksgiving nance! turkey soup is good on a snowy day like you had.

snow is something i miss but after those many spins on the road, nahhh


Nance said...

nini, happy thanksgiving to you and family too! ... hmmm, you made me hungry for turkey soup, i think i'll make a pot.

it is kinda stressful driving on the snow... one good thing, our road crews are diligent at plowing specially the well traveled road... but it's nice to have a snowball fight with the kids! lol

ghee said...

Belated Happy Thanksgiving,Nance :)
its so cold here,but i havent experienced a white xmas yet,definitely this coming xmas,our future town to be is already snowing...ewwww,makaya ko kaya? haha!

Thanx for a very nice comment the last time :)

happy weekend!

Nance said...

ghee, don't worry you'll acclimate. there's nothing like white Christmas, it feels so homey, ... hard to describe ... like a Hallmark card. lol

Ebb Tide said...

Hi Nance! Thanks for dropping by at my blog. Wow! Snow already at Thanksgiving time. What a beautiful photo. I like to look at snow but I always love a sunny weather.

Nance said...

snow is nice to look at but try playing in them also, you'll love it!

ann said...

Happy Thanksgiving Nance! It's an early winter snow in your place.

Happy weekend!

kneeko said...

wooww snow... i love to play with it (someday or somenight) hehehe

happy thanksgiving!

Nance said...

yes, we always get an early snow. it did not stay long though ... ground was still warm and it melted by midday.

when you have a chance, someday, try playing snowball fight and or build snowman or snowdragon etc etc ... you will feel like a 7 yr old kid again! ;)

Rodelio Lagahit said...

nice site.. :) exchange links if you don't mind... btw, i love flowers..kaso parang di bagay sa akin hahaha.. i used to collect wild orchids before at age 4.. i also love bonsai..i used to get those stuffs dun sa mga cliffs.. mmm..nway, let's keep in touch.. regards...

Nance said...

Rodelio, welkam!!! lol
my sis has orchid garden in p.i., awww, come on, let's try flower on you ............ like a bouttoniere? lol

sure ... it's 'k to cross link. have to go to work tho, will do it 2nite.

ghee said...

Just saying HI,Nance!

see yah!

thanx and hugs!

Nance said...

hi ghee ...what's up?

hugs and kisses to ur family