Saturday, September 6, 2008

My Labor Day Projects

Last Sunday after church hubby and I went and checked out the newly opened Michaels Arts and Crafts Store at a neighboring city. It was their first weekend, so they were having a grand opening and they were giving away tote bags. I grabbed one and hubby did the same. I like bringing tote bags with me when I go grocery shopping nowadays so we don't end up with so many plastic grocery bags at home. Think green, right? (all photos can be enlarged by clicking)

Once inside, they were also having raffles and games. We participated in a sort of "Wheel of Fortune". My hubby who is a fan of Vanna White, jokingly asked where she was, believe it or not! lol! I won a tape measure and he won some kind of crayons... yipee! That tape measure will come in handy because it's small enough to go in my purse.

They had so many fall decorations that it inspired me to pick up a bit of stuff. I thought maybe I could make something for our front door since I was getting tired of the one that we have. And so, on Monday, Labor Day, I was laboring to do some crafts.
My first project was to fix a broken birdhouse that I picked up from a yard sale it was a leftover so it was free! I nailed a dowel at the bottom and hot glued the roof. Since it was a beautiful day, I was working at our deck.

The electrical outlet is by the wall so I did the hot gluing on top of our deck railing ... it felt awkward but what ever works, I guess. :) One of my dreams is to have my own sewing and arts and crafts room. That would be really neat.

And, tadaaaaa! Here it is! Ready to welcome guests! I will spray paint the dowel green to blend with the surrounding a little.

Now back to my door decor, my second project. Connie of Casa Maria Living inspired me to make this. I used the fall color silk foliage I bought at Michaels to decorate a cornucopia that I found in our store room. I attached ribbons, a bow, and plastic grapes, tweaked here and there and voila! ... my home made front door decor!

Here's a close up. Mr. Turkey looks a little "nekkid" so I think I will dress him up a little bit. I'll give him a bow tie and beads.

Here's how it looks like from the road ... personally, I like it since it's different from those traditional wreath.


Mari said...

Those are very nice crafts you did, Nance. I bet that was what you labored at on Labor Day. LOL Gosh, you are very creative; truly.

Have a great weekend.

Mari said...

You know? I have birdhouses stuck on my potted plants, and those with wooden dowels have rotted (?); those with wires or steel posts are okay...of course, steels don't rot, they rust. Geez...blaberring again.


Vk-mahalkaayo said...

hi nance,
good sunday.
wow, while reading your post, with a smile pod ko uy...

ako rin mahilig ng raffles2x, at yon mga grand opening n
dahil sa mga gives away.

ang ganda ng project Autumn is really coming sa iyo.

ang ganda ng bastel?-handmade decor? mo....ang ganda, really an autumn color.

bagay sa door mo with white color paint....i click all the pics, that is why so clear sa akin.

i like it......

time to, silip2x sa markt na, wala kasi akong pasensiya to make my own, aside from kim....

itong mag-ama, mahilig maggawa ng sarili, like what you do....

ako, daritso sa bili, kasi isip ko, mura pa at maganda

jokes only, alibay ko lang ito sa kanila....

Vk-mahalkaayo said...

ay oo nga, about nang theresita, she was our long ang loving, yon nag-alaga sa amin.
umalis lang siya sa amin, kasi nag-asawa na cya.
kahit may asawa na cya, lagi pa siyang pumunta sa amin, kasi na missed daw nya kami, at naawa.
she´s the only one, i would say, yaya who stayed with us so long, kahit yon nandoon na kami sa hardship stage.

i remember all her wrks, cares and the way she talked to us.

remember pa ako, the only yaya which our parents allowed us, nga dalhin nya kami, to visit her parents sa place nla.
doon kami matulog sa kanila ng wkend, tapos, doon ako naka sakay ng carabao sa kanila.
her parents n sisters are also so very nice and good family talaga sila.

kahit ngayon, she visits my mama n bring something to her, like farm crops....

hindi ko nakita ang mga anak nya, only her husband, back, 1970´s.

thanks ha?

Vk-mahalkaayo said...

about the tahong.....
meron din akong frozen, kaya ang friend ko sabi nya masarap daw ang fresh.
mabuti, season ngayon, from france, near kami sa boundary kasi.

first time ko yon loto, really, i like it, kasi yon soup nya matamis, hindi ba?

naka kain din ako yon bake tahong, pro ewan paano pagloto yon.
good for this bake tahong yon malaki daw, kaya lang takot ako sa mga malalaki, maraming feedbacks...

ay ulam ko ngayon yon dried fish ni amy....galing pinas pa

amy, from cebu n lived in france....see, mabuti pa ang toyo ba yon sa tagalog, nagtour siya ano?

happy sunday, nance...

thanks for your comments and visit ha?

regards to all

CONNIE said...

What a productive Labor Day you had, Nance. Glad to see your own fall creation and the the birdhouse really turned out so cute!

Have a nice week!

Rhondi said...

You had a very productive labor day weekend! Hope you have a good week.
Hugs, Rhondi

Penny @ Lavender Hill Studio said...

That sounds like a fun day at Michaels...Your door adornment is great!

The grape festival must be coming up soon. If I remember right it will probably be 20 and 21st?

Nona said...

You're such an artist nance, very creative. I like reading how did you fix everything hehe. I must learn from you. Since I'll be home,gagawin ko rin yung sirang bird house ko.
Great pieces for the labor day.