Saturday, September 20, 2008

September Birthdays

I promised my friends to post their birthdays on my blog so here it is. Pictured below is Lance's arrival at a Chinese Buffet restaurant. It was a surprise party given by his sweet and beautiful Vietnamese wife, Nui.

... and here is the happy couple, Lance and Nui

Another good friend of ours, had her 90th birthday. This too was a surprise. We sent out birthday invitations to all her children and grandchildren. We held the party at the basement of our church last Sunday. When she walked in the church for the Sunday service she was surprised to see most of her loved ones; but she did not expect that a delicious dinner was also prepared for her, downstairs, complete with a clown and a musical couple serenading her. Bobo, the clown made several animal balloons for her.

Marion loves life and she's still a kid at heart. Gail and Russ, her caring and loving neighbors who call her "mom" did most of the decorating and cooking; and where in Sam Hill did they find this crow? It was a nice piece of decor, since she always calls herself an old crow! lol I have a video of Marion's party but it's too large for blogspot. It only allows me to upload up to 100mb. Darn! I'll try to edit it and see how that go.

... and of course, birthdays are not birthdays without a cake, so here is a picture of her cake ... my contribution. :) The idea of combining cake and cupcakes came from my friend, Gail and it's from Betty Crocker.
... neat.


Mari said...

Well, happy birthday to an old crow...from an old crow, herself. LOL And the same goes to Lance...a very happy birthday.

Have a great weekend.

Mari said...
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shoshana said...

Hey Nance, I found you from Ghee's site.

Nona said...

Happy birthday to your friends nance, I love birthdays! Mukhang masarap ang cake mo, I did it once...cupcakes then I put lots of decors, creams and m&m's and presto easy to eat! :)

Vk-mahalkaayo said...

you have a good friends around you....

thanks for sharing

JeannieTheDreamer said...

Hi Nance, how nice it is to be part of a community and to take root and have close ties! I want that.

Happy birthday to Mr 65 and Ms 90. My Lolas turned 90 and 91 this year.