Sunday, August 3, 2008

Birthdays in August

Yesterday, August 3rd, was our daughter's birthday. We asked our daughter what she wants to do and said she'll take us to this mega-church where she started attending. I edited this post to add their link... please click here if you're interested. I've seen these churches on TV but have never been to one yet, so this was my first. What a difference from the old traditional churches. There was a loud band playing and lots of clapping but I particularly enjoyed the way the Pastor gave his message ... it was surely not boring and very interactive. Afterwards, we went to eat at a restaurant. Somewhere in the conversations between us and the waitress it came up that we are celebrating our daughter's birthday. They surprised her by giving her a free sundae and singing to her, pictured below. She was a bit embarrassed by it but we had fun watching her get embarrassed! :) Feel free to click at images to enlarge for a better view.

Then we stopped at the Guitar Center ... she wanted a loop station and an adapter for her electric guitar as birthday presents. After a while we headed home to have a birthday cake. I made her a red velvet cake, pictured below. It was a quiet and simple celebration. When they were little, they used to have three bday celebrations, one with the family on their actual birthday, another with their friends on a weekend and the 3rd, with my friends. lol ... the adults got to have an excuse to get together, 'ya know! :)

And on Tuesday, August 5th, is my step-daughter's birthday. Since she lives in Oregon, we took these pictures to greet her a Happy Birthday. She tries to read my blog whenever she has a chance and so I hope she will see this. Oh, I'm sure her dad will "alert" her on this. lol

This is her, pictured below. She wanted so much to have this Chinese checker game that her grandpa made so we gave it to her. She has nice memories playing with that Chinese checkers. This was taken last April of this year when she came to be with us on her dad's birthday. Have you noticed the difference on our walkway? It was still bare then ... now it's bursting with flowers. And our porch, pardon the mess, we use it to store lawn furnitures in the winter.

Sigh of relief! I made it. Vicky's photo is now above.

(Darn, darn, darn! #@%^#$ ... i don't understand why the image disappeared. I tried to upload it again but was giving me an error message. I have to try it again tomorrow, it's getting late ... my apologies.)

Anyway, I put together a video for her and the above is what I came up with. For some reason blogger does not accept text with the video so they are separated; it's a learning experience for me. Vicky, we hope you enjoy the above video. From all of us here in NY; we wish you a happy and blessed birthday! Hugs and kisses from all of us! Enjoy!


Nona said...

Happy birthday to your daughter nance. And also to Vicky. Wow, personalized're a sweet mom.
I like your walkway with lots of flowers.
Sorry I can't view the video.,hmm bakit kaya?

Anonymous said...

Nancy that was so wonderful. You are such a thoughtful person. That was the best gift anyone could have sent me. Seeing all of you makes my heart ache wishing I could hug you all. The old porch looks stunning! You did a fabulous job dahling. Lots of hard work I can tell. Thank you all for such a wonderful gift. I now have the picture of Mary and William on Mary's birthday with her cake as my computer desk top. :-) Makes feel closer to them. Thank you all again. Love Vicky

Mari said...

Happy Birthday to Maria...and to Vicky.

Wow, flowers galore! The flowers (fruit) of your labor. he he he They are lovely; and your porch looks great as well.

JeannieTheDreamer said...

Hey Nance, what a lovely family you have. And I love your home. Inside and outside! It's bursting with love and color. :) :) :) Good job!!!!!

Ang sweet mo pati..... i am sure Vicky's touched with your happy birthday picture greeting .

God Bless

Mari said...

Oh, wow, that was some transformation...from a forlorn front yard to one that's now bursting with colorful flowers. Great job, Nance.

Vk-mahalkaayo said...

happy bday to your daughter nance...

and to your step-daughter,too.
pareho pa kami ng name.

i would say, gwapa ang dalaga mo.
she´s really beautiful.

malaki na sila.....sabi mo pa, baka malapit ng magka lola.....
ako rin, pero ay huwag muna, wla pa nga silang place sa uni, mag-asawa na......pls. not yet.

uy ang ganda ng porch, the pathway mo, ang ganda, the flowers bloom masayado.
feel at ease and happy to see them, while resting at your porch.

again, thank you for sharing all these pics. i am enjoying viewing and reading your post.

have a lovely sunday to you and family.

Vk-mahalkaayo said...

ay oo nga, what a good idea sa gawa mo to great, vicky.

distance is not the hindrance for greeting anybody, to feel at their side, to express our care and love.